Monday, 6 September 2010

Will Dig For Food...

Just a brief update on what's going on...

The Dissertation is printed and goes for binding tomorrow... it's very exciting, and fairly nerve wracking - I have to force myself not to look at it because I'd be sure to find many small mistakes...

I found a lovely little room to rent right in the centre of town for an absolute steal...unfrotunately they need an employer's reference. Supervisor/employer has said he'll give me one, but nothing yet. Also I need another job. The CV has been distributed all over the place, but no response yet. I'm sitting by the phone and computer refreshing my inbox over and over. It's all very tense. I have one interview on Wednesday to work as a disabled tutor/note-taker at the University. Which would be cool - very worthy, lots of interesting lectures (it'll actually be interesting to go to not Archaeology ones for a while), it'll keep my academic brain in good working order (like it ever was) and the pay's good. The downside is that the pay is not secure... don't know what I'll get week to week.

Sometimes I understand why graduate schemes are (were...) a good idea.

Keep Smiling!

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  1. How about 'NewDurham' tours? I'd recommend you to all my tourists :p

    I like reading your blog - keep up the good work x